AI Trades FX Strategy Achieves Global No.1 for Risk, Drawdown & Profit

When you have options to choose a way forward, choose AI Trades FX.  An Adaptive Intelligence approach to Foreign Exchange  trading.  How much validation is needed to prove breaking the link between the risk of drawdown and profit gain.

Forever looking at adapting to be the best in the market, AI strategies can prove that being No. 1 is possible, just after 3 months of trading in the attached graphic as audited by Signal Strat & MY FX Book   

At the Oxford Trading Laboratory in the UK we spend 0000’s of hours of analysis to determine a best way forward.

I want you to think for one moment,  Where are economies going?  We  are on a brink of a major crash, fuelled by out of control inflation and the brink of interest rate hikes.  People just have no idea how this is going to go.  I can tell you now, another major debt bubble, prime to burst and a crash in the Bond markets like not witnessed before.  Just wait and see. Equities are a major risk  as growth is cyclical and stagflation will bring them to their knees.  Pandemics are nothing by comparison!