Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Virtual Private Servers VPS

You need a Server that can meet your trading requirements, Click the link to open VPS options

A Virtual Private Server is a dedicated server and an essential tool to operate.  Treat it with respect as it’s doing all the work you need to undertake to be effective. Available 24/7. Within the vicinity of the trading networks and providing sub 10ms connectivity. Without these key requirements the bot wont function to expectation and you will miss the vital price to execute the trade and potentially lose money on closing out of a trade.

I will give you a list of jobs to do to make your server run right and keep you secure and safe.

I use New York City Servers

You will need two Standard VPS Plans

  1. Set up a VPS (virtual private server). These servers need to be operating as close to the exchange as possible and operating at ‘sub 10ms’. It is recommended for running 4-6 accounts that you use a 2 CPU Cores 4GB of ram and 40GB of storage. This will cost about $30 a month.
  2. After receiving all your connectivity information for your VPS, using RDP (Remote Desktop Connection) connect into your server and run windows updates until all updates are installed and server is restarted with no more updates required. Its highly recommended that you restart the server every weekend as well as check for updates.
  3. Once you have sent me your live ICMarkets account number, generated by the above link, I can send you the trading software with the account embedded.  If you do not use my link to open an IC Market account I wont be able to let you use the bot for free. You will have to buy it.
  4. When I have your number, I can set up the software and send you a zip file to your email address. Load it into a shared drive such as Dropbox or OneDrive so you can open in your VPS server.
  5. Go to MQL5 and open an account. This will enable you to buy the copy software, when you are ready for multiplying your accounts. Fast Copy MT4 here’s the link. Make sure you remember your username and password for MQL5 as it becomes a community access that you will need to load into your MT4 platforms on your VPS servers, in order to install the Fast Copy MT4 software on your VPSs.









Fast Copy MT4