Getting Server & Platforms Optimised

Next steps:

With the account set up and your VPS live and fully MS Updates patched you are ready to load the Programs

Set up two folders on your VPS desktop.  One for your multiple MT4 programs exe’s and another to load the MT4 programs  once created in.

Most VPS have the icmarkets4setup.exe in the download folder that you need to locate and start to use to build your system.  When you use the .exe to build a demo, you will not be able to use the same program for live.  For some reason it does not connect to the live markets after the demo connection/installation has been initiated through your account.  So you will have to set up another new MT4 program for your live operation.

Execute the icmarkets4setup.exe and you will see a box come up and you need to click on settings.  This enables you to install the program on a directory of your choice.  If you do not do this, it will rewrite over an existing installation in its predefined file structure.  I select the program folder and then give it its own unique name ie. MT4 Master 1 or MT4 Slave 2 for example as you grow your system. Then no programs are been written over and your program is easy to identify if you need to make changes.

Upon completion of the install, the Program will load.  It will prompt you with the Server that is listed in the email you received from IC Markets ie. ICMarkets Live Server 22, then add your account number for the trading account and the accompanied password.  If the data is correct it will load up four screens and make an irritating noise. First thing is close off all the graphs within the program by hitting the cross in each of the charts window.  Do not Close the main program.  Your MT4 Platform is now on and active but not yet lean. 

Do the following tasks to make your installation lean & optimised.

  1. Select Tools: Options:
    1. Charts:
      1. adjust Max Bars in History to 5000
      2. adjust Max Bars in Chart to 5000
    2. Expert Advisors:
      1. Select Allow Automated trading
      2. Select disable automated trading when the account has been changed
  • Select disable automated trading when the chart symbol or period has been changed
    1. Select Allow DLL imports
  1. Events
    1. Untick enable unless you want a noisy background
  2. Community
    1. Enter your MQL5 Community User name and password that I instructed you to get previously. This will enable you to upload your copy software you bought directly into the platform.
  3. Select: OK
  4. Select: View
    1. Toolbars
      1. Select Standard
      2. Select Charts
  • Select timeframe
  1. Select Status Bar
  2. Select Chart Bar
  1. From the picture icons Select Market Watch (has a green and red up down arrow) it displays all the currency pairs and live price data.
    1. Select Right mouse key EURUSD select chart window
    2. Select Right mouse key USDJPY select chart window
    3. Select Right mouse key USDCHF select chart window
    4. Select Right mouse key GBPUSD select chart window (only to be used if copying if not ready leave this off)
    5. In the Market Watch Area Right mouse key select Hide All
    6. In the Market Watch Area select the X to close the panel

You will now have two or three charts in your trading platform and you can select from the picture icons Arrange Windows.

  1. an .exe program will be delivered to your desk top. Select the .exe program and rename it to the name of your install like MT4 Master or MT4 34535 as your specific account number and move it into your folder for multi MT4 Programs for quick reference and execution.

  Your system is now setup ready to receive in the program to auto trade.

These are the conditions of use

Only trade EURUSD & EURJPY

Chart Timeline is a 5 Minute chart (select from the picture icons “Periods” to set chart to timeframe).

Do not trade Fridays or periods of 6 to 4 hours prior to 3xBulls News release.  Always have £3000 as a deposit in the account. To cope with market draw down.

You will receive a zip file and load it up on to the server through OneDrive or DropBox.  In the file are 3 elements.  The Engine V12.exe and two pre-set files, high risk and conservative.

Follow my video on how to load the preset files and edits available to use.