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Newly Launched March 2022

Launched  August 2021

Having been scammed by Signal Start I have pulled my accounts from them.  My Accounts did not blow up. They just did not pay out all the fees.  For anyone copying me.  They had a criteria not published that said if you do not trade they can refund all fees.  But not one Investor I know had any refunds offered!! 

I find it extraordinary that a top rated trader is told how to trade and to put the clients money at risk to retain their Commission fees.  Totally unethical, A trader should trade to protect the capital in play.

FX Trades

AI Trades FX is the home of the Oxford Trading Laboratory. We use Mathematical Modelling in conjunction with Adaptive Intelligence to AI trade the Forex Market. Our strategy is to optimise system performance to extract the maximum the market has to yield.

Thinking it through from start to finish the Oxford Trading Laboratory reviews ways and means of being smart in the process.  If you are to receive a % percentage return, shouldn’t the return be an intelligent one? Not based on risk but a calculated risk with the appropriate reward.

I must be the worst forex trader in the world, I have lost money, made money, broken all the rules and I don’t care.  I don’t have stop losses, I don’t look at risk and reward, I don’t use indicators, I don’t use a signal service with a 97% win rate. I look at everything else but the market. And yet I have 100% success rate of my trading cycles with a 37.33% gain in the first 10 days of July 2021 with a relative drawdown of only 0.56%.  This is not with a one-time trade on a small capital account.  This is with 308 trades with more than £10,000 in play over ten days, I guess I must be reckless, fighting with the market, making macro and micro economic analysis, second guessing the Fed and any other Central bank and not a whiff of crypto currency near the account!  What the heck am I doing??

Having done every style of trading known to man, I stopped to think for a moment and realised just how crazy trading really is.  3 years ago, I had the good fortune to meet a young aspiring man who introduced me to a style of grid and hedge trading.  Little did I know how powerful that lesson and encounter was for me.  I immediately embraced it and realised the potential it could generate.  Unfortunately, it still had its pitfalls and massive exposures. Drawdowns that left me sleepless and anxiety levels through the roof.  The reward was a £4000 investment that grew to over £100,000 in under 6 months.

To most people that is a staggering achievement but in my pursuit of happiness, I was well short of the quality of life it had created. The stress was too much!  I spent the next couple of years looking to break the link between %gain and %drawdown.  A traders delight!

Currency pair gains

The way I look at it is as follows.  I build a trading strategy that suites a trading profile of capital, then I leverage it up.  Most people think they can trade with only $500 and multiples thereof, and I used to too.  It gave me a false positive feeling of making $50 or 10% per week and 70% per month. Using the rule of 72, if I am making 10% per week I will double my money in 7.2 weeks.  This I did and have the accounts to prove it, but at what cost?  I got the %gain part of the equation but I could not break away from the massive drawdown to blowing my account exposure.

High Drawdowns, Anxiety & Stress is a killer!  I did my very best to look at ways to beat it, crack it and do away with it.  I tried all the tricks in the book, every type of indicator, bot and strategy but in real-time there was nothing to rely on.  I needed to find a unique element of real-time adaptive intelligence to help me initiate trades, take healthy %gains without the risk of big drawdowns. This is what I do now!

Moving Currency Risk with AI Trades FX

Being Bonkers with an Elephant!

If every percent of growth is important why do most traders miss the biggest elephant in the room?

They tend to run their trading balance with the weakest currency in the market, $USD; for all that effort and give away 23% of your return? Bonkers!

Work Smart Not Hard!

Should your strategy yield 30% and you take the growth as income.  See how this works, it might cost more at the beginning but it’s the yield you want.

Example: Base Currency Deposit

Which should be your base currency $1000USD or £1000GBP (at time(20th Jan 21) of example Rate of exchange £1 = $1.35)?