Stability vs Greed where do you sit?

AITradesFX has concluded a six month trading on one of its public accounts.  It has made 220% gain. You can see the performance of this account on the front page. 

Most people who know me, know my nature as being competitive and direct with it.  I make no apologies, for it is this drive that brings me to where I am now. 

I have many accounts and wanted to share with you my mindset on what to do and when.  During this six month period I chose not to compound this account. You might ask why, well put simply, you need to build out your base capital foundation.  This means you want each account to be bomb proof! In my mind this would mean trading my 3,000 account to a size of 10,000 thus enabling it to sustain even the hardest of market propositions. This does take some control and patience.  Once you have built a foundation that is yielding a some of money you are happy with on a monthly basis, you can use the yield to speculate again at 3000; knowing that if it is lost, you still have a means to generate new yields!

As you can see my account can still return 1000 plus per month and it had a yield of 1,332 or 16.08% for the month of January 2022. If I had used a 3,000 sized account it would have equated to 44.4% growth. Naturally I have many of these accounts all now heading to the 10,000 capital value within them.

I could have used the account to make not 220%, but 500% gain allowing me to make many more accounts and the opportunity was there to take. But hindsight is a great deceiver of the future.  From the end of Feb 2022 I will be publishing my AITradesFX Compound account and publish the results in parallel.

The headline graphic shows you where it would have been.  What is interesting, my global position as a trader is currently ranked No. 20 trading with this safe, secure and stable manner.  I will be position Rank No. 1 doing my trades taking 40% per month just watch.