Nov 21 Performance 40% overall gain

AI Trades FX can only extract what the market has to yield.  November 21 was a subtle month with Inflation realisation, Central banks changing their wording from “transitory,” to something more like inevitable. 

Oil supply issues with no government responsibility. Yes it was you Biden and your administration in conjunction with the EU to apply & enforce greater regulatory requirements (August 21) for natural gas and much more. Civil Servants should never dabble in market controls!  Then give away all your reserves to your sabre-rattling China.  Taiwan will be the next move and there will be no oil left to defend it!

On a lighter note Interest Rate hikes are around the corner with tapering of QE printing money.

Only two big trade cycles this month occurring right at the very end of the month.  As I said, we can only yield what the market offers. 

I wanted to add this graphic as a demonstration of my trading nuance on the USDCHF.  Short, Sharp, Concise.

Live, Trade & Prosper! AI Trades FX

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