Trade With Us

We are a trading Laboratory, not an investment house or a financial advisor.  We speculate in Forex, using AI tools and trading knowledge to enable trading.  We extract whatever the market has to yield.  This is our sport.  We discuss openly ways and means to enjoy what we do.  Only risk what you are prepared to lose.  Should you wish to join, send a request below.

Be advised that you should seek independent financial advice before speculating any money.  YOUR MONEY IS AT RISK using these instruments.  We take no responsibility and give no guidance that could make us liable for any of your losses.  We use high leveraged accounts with risks of large drawdowns and a complete loss of the account.  Be aware, should you wish to proceed, you accept total liability.

Every now and again I am asked if I can be copied.  I setup this account in July 2021 and made it available to be audited.  I was on Holiday in September but have made it available here. since beginning of October 2021.  If you want help just connect.