GBPUSD Building for Entry 23rd Dec, Target 0.30

With the annual Phenomena of corrective balance sheets, the market has to balance itself out.  What causes this rise against expectations?  Well imagine, last week the Fed decided not to increase interest rates but the traders were expecting so they short called the GBP.  The very next day the BOE raised their interest rates and locked traders in their shorts.  Now they need to get out of them before the end of the year.  The only way of doing it is buying back the GBP at the levels available.  But look, traders are on holiday so there is low market volume and the price starts to rise  on the lack of liquidity.  An end of year phenomena even though the fundamentals for the pound don’t look good.  Be ready to jump in as the GBP will have to pull back due to fundamentals.  A little gift from me to you with a 10% gain Merry Christmas