Category: Forex Daily Insights

AUDNZD Entry @ 0.31 11-10-21

AUDNZD hitting the 0.31 level of lot size entry here will start to extract the locked potential.  There is still scope to range higher to 1.06.  A potential release of some 12% or at least £1000 as a start point. This stack will be good to follow.  Previous highs for this pair were to 0.26 […]

GBPUSD would have been Stunning!

As I was already committed to USDJPY. I was unable to enter this opportunity. It dropped some 320 pips and rebound 120 pips to clear out trade cycle. This would have returned a very healthy return indeed. Can’t win everything all of the time. Always learn and improve positioning for entry. If you see a […]

Exotic opportunity NZ

NZDUSD As attractive and tempting it is to trade the exotics here is an example of some enormous locked potential to be released. The risk here could still reach higher with  NFP out tomorrow it would be great to get the pull back  but this could remain in position till next Tuesday; so leave the […]